As a photographer, light is everything! To ensure you have the most flattering and beautiful photos from your day use getting ready venues with lots of lovely natural light, getting ready in a well lit room, somewhere with lovely big windows and flattering natural light if possible - this goes for both parties. A cluttered, tiny room with no space to move and no natural light will not make for spectacular photographs. Even if it means a quick tidy up - using a 'junk cupboard', utilising a living room or even hiring a beautiful Airbnb rental make sure you are in a clear, uncluttered, well lit room if you can. You will want the start of your day to be as chilled and enjoyable as possible for both of you.



We jest, but try to have all your details you’d like captured together (dress, suit, shoes, jewellery, flowers, hairpieces, presents, any family traditional items etc.). We will usually start photographing these when we arrive & having everything together means nothing will be left out. We love to capture all the bits that make your day your own. Don't forget a good looking hanger for your outfits too ! Also consider what you'll be wearing in the morning as this outfit will most likely feature alot in your gallery. That goes for the guys too. It's a nice way to inject a bit of your everyday style into your images too.



An ideal space will have room for all your guests as well yourselves and any decor you're using to frame your aisle and lots of natural light! Consider adding extra lighting elements if you're using a dark space such as a church. You can't go wrong with lots of candles.



If you can, consider an outside ceremony. The difference it can make to your photography is huge and not to be underestimated. It may prove a little more difficult to manage or seem like a hard decision to make but we promise you won't regret it (as long as you've got a weather plan B). Unfortunately alot of venues will push for an indoor ceremony because it's easier but if you can go for the great outdoors.

 It is not uncommon for ministers or registrars to forbid photography in the service or only allow the photographer to stand in one particular place. Speak to the person conducting your ceremony beforehand to understand their policy to ensure you re fully aware before the day & can let us know so we can action plan!



After the ceremony, if you’d like a confetti throw let us know. They do not tend to happen naturally (you are the first out before your guests after all) and will need a little encouragement and planning from us along with your bridal party for it all to unfold. There may also be some restriction in venues (boo!) so check this out too. With confetti the more the better and we mean a TON oh and a confetti canon or two wouldn't go a miss. We like confetti.



Allow time for formal photographs and don’t underestimate how long they can take! We always suggest doing no more than 6 sets as they can take up to 5 mins each to get all the right people there. That’s 30 mins of your day already & I’m sure you’d much rather be chatting to your guests! Make sure to chat to both sides of the family so they know what to expect. whos in & whos out - this can save any awkward moments on the day. Nominate one person on each side of your families who knows your familes & friends well. Print a list for each side of the family and make sure your dedicated helpers have it on the day. If they know it's their job to gather this specific group of people on the day it can save you a massive amount of time waiting around for people.


 Allow enough time for some shots of just the two of you- around 30-45 mins.  Our approach is to work naturally with how you guys fit - encourage a certain pose or suggest some if we think it'll make great frame but we won’t ask for anything cheesy that makes your cringe or feel awkward - promise! We're there to capture you guys as you are at that moment on that day and to celebrate it. It's a great chance for you both to take a breather and go hang out alone in some beautiful spots - it's all about getting close and just taking a moment.



Sit down together and take some time to fill our the details sheet we sent you. Even if it's just 10mins. Its a great chance to really chat about what you each want from your photography and tell us a little about the other relationships in your lives. Have a think if there's any particular part of your relationship you'd like to really capture on the day and tell us! Maybe you're super outdoorsy so we should all go on a wee woodland adventure for some portraits or you guys love a really cinematic feel so we can go hunt out the quirky decor and dramatic lighting of your venues. Maybe you want to keep it super sleek with loads of black & whites - the more you can tell us the more we can give you something you love.



If you are having speeches, try to plan where people will stand when they are talking. An ideal place is a well light spot, with a clean backdrop infront of your guests with the bridal party alongside so that everyone can see and hear the speaker and we can capture everything as it unfolds.


Don’t worry with tradition if its just not you! If you want a cake cut, awesome but if you don't we're not gonna make you do the awkward kiss while holding a knife thing. Same goes for first dance or any traditions for that matter if it's not your bag thats awesome too.



Asking guests to down phones & ipads during ceremony is one of our main pieces of advice. It makes for a row of beaming faces rather than a row of iphones. It allows people to be more present at the ceremony listening and enjoying.  You can now buy ready made signs to help get the message over too. Its easy for folks to get so wrapped up in getting the picture they forget why they are there to share this with you guys. The rest of the day can be iphonetastic but we highly recommend keeping it low-key during the ceremony. You'll have access to all the high-res images we create to share with everyone so you can tell your guest to rest assured - we got this.



Smile, laugh, have fun, & we know its hard but forget the camera is there… the shots of everyone having a good old belly laugh are the greatest images and the ones that will be your favs. The best photography always come from the couples who were the most relaxed & up for it on the day. Nobody likes getting their photo taken - seriously - so just remember it's our job to capture you at your best and make you look/feel top dollar so don't even give it a second thought. We'll be there to give you a helping hand andprompts along the way to make great images for you. Everyone says it BUT the day will go by so quickly so cherish & really soak up every moment take a few mins every now and then to go WHOA we really just got married.

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