2015: One Charming Year

The year in which we got married twice, moved from home office to a studio space, re-branded as The Curries, took big leaps with our other venture The Wedding Collective & started a new chapter holding celebrations at The Woodside Warehouse.

A big part of this year was spent investing in our photography knowledge, learning new techniques, fine-tuning our own vision, meeting, working & creating with our peers from all over the globe. We have been immensely lucky to meet & bring into our lives so many remarkable people this year & to travel the world through our photography.

It's been a pretty big year has 2015. Holding our own celebrations really cemented for us the honest value in these images we create. The love, the small moments, the big moments, the memories that otherwise drift away that photographs allow you to anchor. To print and include in your home - to look at everyday and say this was us in that moment, at that time, and it felt incredible.

Its taught us that really what is important is the people. the stories. the richness of character. Our job is to capture that for you - something unique & beautiful but above all meaningful & authentic.

Its been a gorgeous year. Let's see what 2016 holds.

Much Love,

Chris & Gillian