Fiona & Steve • A Scottish Highland Wedding • Coo's Cathedral, Aboyne

A super-loving, sweet & totally generous couple surrounded by incredible family and friends in one big loved-up, beautifully light & hidden away highland coo's cathedral shed. What an absolutely charming and authentic celebration of love between 2 people and the community that surrounds them. Coo's Cathedral is one extra special place for a wedding too.  

Leila & Pete's Wedding • Southsea, Portsmouth

Armed with our cameras and dog Bertie we went on a road trip down to the lovely quaint seaside town of Portsmouth to capture Leila and Pete's wedding day celebrations. Here are some of our favourites from the day, and what a day it was!


Nikki & Sandy • St. Monan's Church & Farm Wedding, Elie, Fife

This was our first wedding of the year which we had been looking forward to for a long time! We set off to the beautiful East coast of Fife to capture Nikki and Sandy's wedding which was held at the stunning St Monans church and then onto Nikki's home farm from where she runs her awesome farm shop. It was a braw day.



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Photo Booth

Kind of speaks for itself. One hour, a crazy background, a little direction from us and some willing guests makes for some hilarious pictures. Especially good for capturing evening guests, very drunk guests and the nutters at the wedding. Also makes for a great guest page in your wedding album.